Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways!

Lay down your love.

Right here.

In pretty words...

A comment area for anyone who opted not to create a blog post ahead of time or who doesn't have a blog or who has extemporaneous admiration to express. (If you think you weren't invited, you might need to change your Spam Filter settings!)

Contest 1 - The Karaoke Stage

Karaoke, anyone?

We all know about MoonRat's unfortunate karaoke addiction. (The first step is admitting you have a problem, Moonie!)

Contest: What should be MoonRat's "theme" song and why? What song encompasses the loveliness and brilliance and goodness that is MoonRat? Alternately, name a song that you'd LOVE to see MoonRat sing on karaoke night and why.

Deadline: 9 pm ET TONIGHT

Prize: One $25 Amazon gift certificate donated by Ello

Judge: Moonrat, of course, or a surrogate named by her.

Contest 2 - In the Kitchen


MoonRat is a self-described foodie. She'll try anything, we suspect. Um, anything food-related, that is. She'd probably give Anthony Bourdain a run for his money. So tantalize the beloved Moonrat with your most delicious recipes! The more exotic, the better!

Contest: Post your best recipe...or most favorite recipe...or one you think MoonRat would swoon over.

Deadline: 10 pm ET TONIGHT

Prize: A $25 gift certificate for cheese donated by Chris Eldin

Judge: MoonRat or a designated surrogate.

Contest 3 - The Rhythm and the Rhyme

Let the poetry flow!

Moonrat has inspired and encouraged so many of us. The Mischief is such a small example of the ways in which Moonie brings light and life to the world.

How does Moonrat inspire you?
Write a Moonrat-related haiku.

In case brevity isn't your style, feel free to delve into sonnets, couplets, an epic poem, free verse, what have you.

Contest: Write Moonrat a poem. Post your entries in the comments section.

Deadline: 11 pm ET TONIGHT

Award: One $25 Amazon gift certificate donated by Precie

Judge: Moonrat or anyone she designates.

Contest 4 - The Killer Synopsis

Write a killer synopsis, one that Moonrat would move heaven and earth (aka, Robert the Publisher) to buy. It doesn't have to be for a book you've written or even intend to write.

Contest: Write a 150-word synopsis that Moonrat can't resist.

Deadline: 12 noon, ET, November 6th

Prize: An autographed Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST, donated by Stuart (conduit) Neville. Fine print: Only partipants who HAVEN'T read Stuart's novel yet are eligible to win.

Judge: Moonrat. Who else would it be?

Contest 5 - The Best Advice Moonrat Ever Gave Me

This one is a little more serious (despite the image above). No rhyming or singing required.

Contest: Post a comment about the best writing or publishing advice you ever gleaned from Moonrat's supportive pages.

Deadline: 12 noon, ET, November 6th

Prize: You could win a set of customized Lillian Vernon leopard-spot pencils (who would dare steal them?) in their own leopard-spot case, courtesy of Andromeda at

The pencils say "I MAKE MISCHIEF" and "" Use them as inspiration or leave them in public places to spread the word. We'll send Moonie her very own set so she isn't jealous.

Judge: stuffed animal or innocent child.

The Library

Books to feed the Amazon one-click frenzy?

I think we can all say that Moonrat has done damage to our book budgets. Let's return the favor.

This one isn't a contest. But feel free to discuss, in the comments section, any books you think are absolute MUST READs.

an orchid for our most adored moonie!

moonie, i'd love to gift this orchid
painting to you. thank you
for being you!! you're the most
gracious rat i know!
xoxo cindy